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About Jill - Founder

From a young age, makeup artist and skin therapist Jill Ventimiglia has been getting her hands dirty – whether she was painting or doing pottery.

So it comes as no surprise that makeup artistry came naturally to her. However, it was her fondness for building confidence in women that propelled Jill into the makeup and skincare industry.

Jill thrust herself into the business, working at a makeup counter in Atlanta. Thus began a journey into making a career out of cosmetics.

After three years, Jill was ready to take herself to the next level. She moved to Los Angeles where she enrolled in renowned makeup school, Makeup Designory (MUD). Her talent and drive got her hired on her first film before graduating, and she has been working in the industry ever since.



img-9906.jpgHer experience in the film industry led her to conceptualize Just Jill Cosmetics, a natural mineral makeup line that would not break out her clients and would actually benefit the skin.

With the success of her makeup career and her passion for skin, Jill attended Form Academy to receive her Aesthetician license. Her belief that beauty starts from within is evident in her motto: “beauty from the inside out”. Her knack for bringing out the inner beauty of her clients is at the core of her brand. Which led her to complete Just Jill Cosmetics with an all-natural organic vegan skincare line called Just Jill Natural Skincare.


jillmakeupapp-2.jpgWith the launch of Just Jill Cosmetics her career has come full circle – from selling cosmetics to customers in the retail industry to bringing her own line of cosmetics to the shelves of boutiques and beauty supply stores. Just Jill Cosmetics has already built a following, as it was used by makeup artist Tym Buacherern on Jennifer Hudson in DreamGirls and has been seen in Grey's Anatomy.
Makeup artist and skin therapist Jill Ventimiglia actively works between Beverly Hills and Austin. She was Key Makeup Artist on the film, Brick. Her growing celebrity client list includes Maya Rudolph, Daryl Hannah, Emilie De Ravin, Noureen DeWulf, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Justin Long, Jonah Hill, and Orlando Jones.